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A Database Administrator (DBA) is an IT professional responsible for the installation, configuration, upgrading, administration, monitoring, maintenance, and security of databases in an organization.

A Database Administrator uses software to store and organize data. They ensure that data is available to users who have authorized access in order to find the information and that systems perform as they should. The purpose of this qualification is to equip learners with the skills to develop and create the database as well as administer security access to the system.

  • What is Oracle SQL?
  • The Select Statement
  • Select statement – Restricting and Sorting data
  • Oracle SQL Functions
  • PL/SQL Basics
  • Displaying data from multiples tables (JOIN)
  • Using subqueries
  • Creating indexes, Views, Synonyms and Sequences
  • Using DDL (Data Definition Language)
  • Using DML (Data Manipulation Language)
  • Basic Oracle user security
  • Oracle Data Dictionary
  • Oracle Database Architecture
  • Installing Oracle Database on Linux
  • Managing the Oracle Database instance
  • Oracle Database Network environment
  • Oracle Database Storage structures
  • Undo and Data concurrency
  • Oracle Database users , profiles and roles
  • Database Management and performance
  • Oracle Database Backup and recovery
  • Moving Data with Oracle data pump
  • Automatic Storage Management

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