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IBM Tivoli Storage Manager 7.1 Implementation and Administration

Course Description


This course provides hands-on practice in implementing a data management strategy with IBM Tivoli Storage Manager 7.1. The course covers the installation of Tivoli Storage Manager 7.1 server, backup-archive clients, and the Operations Center. You learn to create simple storage pools and map them to client node data, define new policy domains, policy sets, and management classes, and backup and archive copy groups. You also learn to backup and restore client data, and manage long-term and off-site data management. This course also teaches you to automate client operations by creating new Tivoli Storage Manager schedules. Finally, you learn to protect the Tivoli Storage Manager server by automating the backup and restoration of Tivoli Storage Manager databases and storage pools from off-site data storage.  


This basic course is for Tivoli Storage Manager administrators.


This course is for: Tivoli Storage Manager administration for version 6 or later Windows OS administration

Key topics

Discuss the features of Tivoli Storage Manager. Install Tivoli Storage Manager server, backup-archive client, and Operations Center Navigate the administrative interfaces Manage the Tivoli Storage Manager database and recovery log Explain the concepts of attaching and preparing a media library Create and manage storage pools and storage pool volumes Define policy management to meet business requirements Configure and manage client options Backup, restore, archive, and retrieve client data Protect Tivoli Storage Manager database and storage pools Schedule administrative tasks Monitor server and client messages and events  


IBM Tivoli Storage Manager overview Installing IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Administrative interfaces and privileges Customizing the Tivoli Storage Manager database and recovery log Managing storage pools and storage pool volumes Storage media devices Policy management Client configuration Backup-archive client functions Protecting the database and storage pools Automating operations Monitoring and event logging

Course Duration

5 Days
User Dashboard Client Zone