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Mastering IBM Rational ClearCase V7.0 Administration for Windows

Course Description


The content of the course is based on IBM products and services. It offers skills or services that IBM does not offer in the course catalog today and are intended to compliment our existing portfolio. The course is developed by the Training Provider. IBM solely provides a market place to advertise the courses on our external websites, ibm.com/training and lists the Global Training Provider who owns the content. This course teaches students to perform tasks necessary to deploy and maintain an enterprise-wide ClearCase implementation. Mastering IBM Rational ClearCase Administration teaches ClearCase administrative tasks related to setting up an environment, system and data maintenance, security, back-up techniques, licensing, and installation.


This intermediate course is for Experienced IBM Rational ClearCase users.


You should have:
  • One year experience working with Microsoft Windows
  • 6 months hands-on ClearCase experience
  • Knowledge and skills taught in the following courses: Essentials of IBM Rational ClearCase for Windows (RS501G)

Key topics

  • The ClearCase environment
  • The registry and regions
  • Managing VOBs
  • Managing access control
  • Managing views
  • Managing storage pools
  • Scheduling tasks
  • Backing up and restoring ClearCase objects
  • ClearCase licensing
  • Planning a ClearCase implementation
  • Installing ClearCase


Please refer to course overview.

Course Duration

2 days
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