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Mastering IBM Rational ClearQuest V7 Administration

Course Description


The content of the course is based on IBM products and services. It offers skills or services that IBM does not offer in the course catalog today and are intended to compliment our existing portfolio. The course is developed by the Training Provider. IBM solely provides a market place to advertise the courses on our external websites, ibm.com/training and lists the Global Training Provider who owns the content. This course provides training for administering and customizing IBM rational clearquest. This course is recommended for new clearquest administrators or system architects who want to learn to manage the defect and change tracking process with IBM rational clearquest.


This intermediate course is for IBM rational clearquest administrators.


You should have:
  • Some basic knowledge of relational database management systems.
  • Knowledge of the meaning of defect and change tracking.
  • Some experience with script development using vbscript and/or perl.
  • Understood the need for collaborative development.
  • Scm110: principles of defect and change tracking with IBM rational clearquest
  • Completed the course: Essentials of IBM rational clearquest, V7( RS201)

Key topics

  • Defect and change tracking, and clearquest administrative tools
  • Planning and implementing defect and change tracking processes
  • Using rational clearquest to submit change requests, modify existing records, run queries, create charts, and generate reports
  • Use the clearquest designer to customize a schema, apply a package, create a test database, and test the customized schema
  • How to use the clearquest designer to customize the defect and change tracking process
  • How to use the clearquest designer to customize fields and forms
  • How to use hooks and scripts to enhance the defect and change tracking mechanism
  • How to call clearquest api functions in external application programs
  • Clearquest system requirements and how to install and upgrade IBM rational clearquest
  • How to manage user and group accounts in clearquest
  • How to use clearquest web and clearquest e-mail subsystems
  • How to perform import and export operations in clearquest
  • How to integrate clearquest with other rational software products such as IBM rational clearcase and third party products
  • Using clearquest diagnostics to evaluate and debug hooks and scripts.


Please refer to course overview.

Course Duration

2 days
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