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IBM WebSphere MQ V7 Publish/Suscribe Implementation

Course Description


This 2-day instructor-led intermediate course teaches application developers and technical professionals how to design and implement publish/subscribe-based business programs using IBM WebSphere MQ V7. The course begins with an overview of the concepts and facilities of publish/subscribe applications. Students then learn how the new WebSphere MQ API (MQI) calls support native publish/subscribe capabilities in IBM WebSphere MQ V7, and about its interaction with IBM WebSphere Message Broker. Students also learn how to plan for and implement security for publish/subscribe applications, as well as how to manage the coexistence and migration between publish/subscribe applications across various WebSphere MQ releases. In the hands-on lab exercises, students use examples and sample programs provided in COBOL and C to gain practical experience with the new WebSphere MQ V7 commands and MQ Explorer changes that support these new publish/subscribe facilities. Students also have the opportunity to administer the new WebSphere MQ V7 publish/subscribe-related objects using MQSC and MQ Explorer.  


This intermediate course is designed for technical professionals who need to create, design, and administer publish/subscribe applications using WebSphere MQ.  


Before taking this course, students should have previous experience implementing WebSphere MQ applications, or complete one of the following courses:
  • IBM WebSphere MQ application programming (WM501) (VM501) (WM502) (VM502) (WM503) or (VM503)
  • IBM WebSphere MQ V7 system administration (WM201) (VM201) (WM202) (VM202) (WM203) or (VM203)

Key topics

Overview and architecture of IBM WebSphere MQ V7 Publish/subscribe Exercise: Publish/subscribe administration Overview of publish/subscribe security Exercise: Publish/subscribe security implementation New WebSphere MQ publish/subscribe APIs Exercise: Publish/subscribe using the MQI IBM WebSphere MQ V7 enhancements for publish/subscribe Exercise: Asynchronous messaging New publish/subscribe commands and Explorer changes Exercise: New publish/subscribe commands and Explorer changes Client enhancements Migration and coexistence tools for IBM WebSphere MQ V7 z/OS enhancements beneficial to publish/subscribe environments  


Describe publish/subscribe concepts and facilities Describe WebSphere MQ V7 publish/subscribe and its relationship with WebSphere Message Broker Describe WebSphere MQ V7 Java Message Service (JMS) enhancements that support publish/subscribe Plan and implement security for publish/subscribe applications Explain MQI enhancements that support publish/subscribe Explain the functions of new WebSphere MQ V7 commands and the enhancements to MQ Explorer that support publish/subscribe Describe publish/subscribe coexistence and migration between WebSphere MQ releases Implement publish/subscribe applications

Course Duration

2 days
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