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Linux on Power Fundamentals

Course Description


This course is designed to teach delegates the processes involved in installation, configuration, administration, and troubleshooting of SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server and Red Hat Enterprise Linux on Power 7 servers. Practical exercises cover installing, configuring, administering, and troubleshooting Linux in a native system environment.  


This basic course is intended for system administrators with have experience of either Linux or Power systems, but not both together. This course provides the bridge for those skill sets to be brought together.  


Delegates should have a basic background in systems administration and/or troubleshooting.  

Key topics

Day 1 Unit 1 - PowerLinux introduction. Exercise 1 - Introduction to lab environment. Unit 2 - PowerVM. Exercise 2 - PowerVM operations. Unit 3 - Utilizing Open Firmware. Day 2 Exercise 3 - Open Firmware operations. Unit 4 - Installing Linux on Power. Exercise 4 - Installing Linux. Unit 5 - Power systems device management. Day 3 Exercise 5 - Managing Power systems devices. Unit 6 - Boot loader configuration. Exercise 6 - Configuring yaboot. Unit 7 - Rescue mode. Exercise 7 - Accessing rescue mode.  


Course objectives include:
  • Recognize different execution environments that each Linux distribution runs on for POWER processor-based systems.
  • Install a given Linux distribution within a native system environment.
  • Configure a given Linux distribution within a native system environment.
  • Manage a given Linux distribution within a native system environment.
  • Locate and utilize IBM Service and Productivity tools.
  • Navigate Open Firmware subsystem.
  • Customize the configuration of the yaboot boot loader.
  • Access rescue mode on a Linux distribution.

Course Duration

3 Days
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