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ILE Foundation for IBM i

Course Description


This course teaches Integrated Language Environment (ILE) skills and techniques to programmers who can already write RPG IV programs. This class offers a comprehensive discussion of the Integrated Language Environment. This class is designed to enable an experienced programmer to develop and maintain procedural and modular function of an advanced level using the latest features and techniques available in the IBM i.  


This intermediate course is designed for programmers who want to learn to use modular programming techniques using IBM i. Previous programming experience using RPG IV is desired before enrolling in this course. You should have attended (OL49G). This class is not designed for RPG IV programmers specifically, but the units and exercises use RPG IV Modules to teach the material. Previous techniques and the maintenance of programs written using legacy techniques are not covered in the classroom  


You should be able to:
  •         Use a Windows-based PC
  •         Run PC applications using menus, icons, tool bars, and so forth

Key topics

  •          Welcome and administration
  •          An introduction to the Integrated Language Environment
  •          Advanced ILE topics

Course Duration

1 day
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