The IT landscape is constantly changing and CIOs and IT managers are facing a daunting challenge. While the growing dependence on IT means that infrastructure has to be kept up-to-date, governance requirements demand more business continuity through high availability.

Through our Cloud Managed Services, 4levels Solutions gives you access to highly skilled, technical teams who manage multi-faceted environments.

Our Cloud-based server platforms enable easy hardware refreshes and maintenance that helps grow your IT infrastructure and meets your business requirements for lower costs and rapid speed to market at the same time.

[tab title=”Backup as a Service (BaaS)”]
home(6)Our mandate is to manage your storage infrastructure to mitigate the risk involved in your long-term data protection requirements. We address all challenges found in organizations across the spectrum, and detail your obstacles in our proposed solutions.

Our Backup as a Service solution involves:


    • Secure enterprise-grade data protection and privacy services;
    • Reliable redundancy policies to ensure data is highly available;
    • Scalable capacity on-demand;
    • 24×7 access to backup data from anywhere over the internet;
    • End-to-end support by 4levels Solutions for cloud backups

[tab title=”Managed Security”]

kts_170x20442-318006As online threats grow in quantity and complexity, your organization and customers needs expert help in identifying the most important threats and effectively preventing them.

4levels Solutions Cloud Security System and the expertise of our Managed Security Service team combines best-of-breed threat prevention technology with expert threat analysis to prevent attacks on your customers, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

We perform the following:


    • Stop attacks with innovative technology and expert analysis;
    • Update your protections with our security Global Cloud intelligence;
    • Provide security monitoring, visibility and compliance




[tab title=”Software as a Service (SaaS)”]

home(4)Agile software development, testing, consulting and training that turns ideas into software products fast. We don’t deliver ‘nice-to-have’ solutions, we deliver solutions central to core business functions.

Business and technology services:


    • Software solution consulting and design;
    • IT strategy and transformation;
    • Enterprise architecture;
    • Business requirements analysis;
    • Business process analysis.



For advice on how to make the right choices for a better future, based in an all-round, technology-agnostic approach, contact 4levels Solutions to begin planning, strategizing and implementing roadmaps for your organisation: [button_red link=”http://4levels.co.za/contact-us/”]contact us[/button_red]