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Endpoint Protection

We are the witnesses of the huge increase in number of employees using endpoint devices. For several years, companies significantly increased the number of mobile workers supplying them with laptops, smartphones and tablets.

The more and more popular phenomenon is Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). BYOD is simply a trend allowing the employees to use their own devices at work.

BYOD brings challenges to organizations in terms of data leakage and data protection. This trend requires extreme caution in terms of data safety as the users keep the private and corporate data on the same device.

Use KODO to protect all your mobile devices

[tab title=”KODO for Desktop”]

KODO is new enterprise generation of continuous data protection (CDP) for Windows and OSX endpoint users. It provides robust and comprehensive protection for roam users, whose data reside on their local drives.

KODO is the answer for nowadays challenge of mobile users and IT Departments of how to efficiently manage and protect desktop and laptop endpoints. Endpoint protection became a fundamental part not only for IT, but from the business point of view (access to mission-critical data).

How many times users ask IT department to restore the critical business data from the scratch? Unfortunately, the users start to think about proper protection after the 1st incident.

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[tab title=”KODO for Mobile”]

KODO for Mobile is a backup and recovery, file sharing and collaboration platform for endpoint devices. It protects key enterprise data and improves mobile workforce productivity.

KODO answers organizations’ demands regarding new trends such as Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and threats such as malware (including ransomware), eliminating day to day risk of potential data leakage and data loss. KODO for Mobile provides cross-platform support (Google Android, iOS, Windows Phone) place KODO as one of the leading Enterprise Endpoint Backup Solution.

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[tab title=”KODO for Mobile key functions”]

KODO for Mobile provides advanced and comprehensive mechanism for protecting and sharing data from laptops, smartphones and tablets, such as:


    • Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Protection;
    • Cross-platform Support – (iOS, Android, Windows Phone);
    • Unified enterprise management;
    • LDAP/Active Directory user management;
    • Magic link deployment automation;
    • File/gallery/contact/calendar level restore;
    • Incremental backup/file versioning;
    • Secure encrypted transfer, integration with and Samsung KNOX;
    • Set and forget configuration;
    • Automated data protection eliminating day to day risk of potential data leakage and data loss;
    • Policy based protection;
    • Integration with IBM Spectrum Protect.



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